Helping our clients and seeing our client’s increase their profession is a wonderful experience! We specialize in Marketing, Advertising, Promoting, Branding, PR Consulting and Management. Also, we specialize in Major Events, Parties, such as Red/Black/White Carpet Events, Community Events, Club Events, Grammy & Award Winning Events, and Gala Events.

NOW! Black Access Granted is on the rise in expanding our abilities in the TV/Media Network, Direct mail, and Magazine Industry outlet, opportunities are unlimited!

Our job is to gain all resources to branch out in all areas needed to make you appealing in the public. You will find our circle a little different from others; we give you (The Client) what we have to offer inside the bag!

Business plus Entertainment, there are many selective professions that need our assistance in growth. There are different levels in growth and our responsibility is to build you a great support system to keep your profession flowing in the right direction.

There are so man ways and opportunities in creating your path towards success, and to elevate you to the highest power. Hire us and we will make it worth your gain! Invest in your profession stead-fast and your results will be IMPECCABLE!


90% African American
5% White
5% Hispanic

40% Male
60% Female